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It's Great to Meet You!

My name is Leah and I’m a physical therapist and personal trainer that is passionate about working with active aging adults on Kent Island, MD.

I received my doctorate from UMES in 2016 and have been working in the health and wellness injury long before that. I taught my first group fitness class in 2011 at Salisbury University and my love for movement and all things healthy living has grown from there.

I work with a wide range of clientele. Whether it be recovery from a specific injury or accountability to continue with strengthening long-term - I got you!

I often say that I work in this fun “in between” world of healthcare, working to bridge the gap between ‘just managing’ and truly enjoying doing all the things you love.

I live locally in Queenstown

with my husband, John and our two dogs Allie and Winston. My office is right down the road and Chester and I love my short commute. Spending quality time with my family at the end of the day is really important to me and having my business has allowed me to do a lot more of that!

When I’m not with clients, I love being outside walking and hiking with my dogs, gardening, camping and anything DIY home improvement (thanks dad!).

We recently took down a whole wall in my house, because… Why not! If there’s a bathroom to be painted or a shelf to be built - I am all in!

I love being involved in the local community. John and I are heavily involved in the Kent Island Jeep Club, which is actually how we initially met! The club holds monthly meet ups at local small businesses, and we put together a lot of great fundraisers and events throughout the year.

If you are local to the area, you have likely seen my white and tie-dye jeep with my business logo across the back at the grocery store or driving down Main Street. If you see me, make sure you wave!

I have to be honest.. social media is not my jam. I like to be face to face instead of behind a screen. BUT! I am working to be more present and show my face on here more often.

Interested in working together? Head over to my website and fill out the contact form to get started!

See you soon!


Leah Zinnert, PT, DPT, CPT, CSCS, LSVT BIG

Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better


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